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Dyno Nobel is a manufacturer of explosives. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited operating in Australia, Canada, the United States, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, South America, Papua New Guinea and Turkey.

A former employee mentioned, "In my time with Dyno, I noticed 2 major issues. C level and senior level VPs and directors were indecisive, unrealistic and completely out of touch with the goals of the business as a whole and the individual departments. Rather than investing in their people, they would rather brag about the savings for their department all of which was at the cost of the mid level management and hard working staff under them"


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Data Monkey (Former Employee) says

"In my time with Dyno, I noticed 2 major issues. C level and senior level VPs and directors were indecisive, unrealistic and completely out of touch with the goals of the business as a whole and the individual departments. Rather than investing in their people, they would rather brag about the savings for their department all of which was at the cost of the mid level management and hard working staff under them Cons: Too many to list. Weak company leadership."

procurement (Former Employee) says

"Extremely clueless and poor management. They will throw you at the job with 0 training and no support. A lot of nepotism. They do not pay overtime. Most people here hold jobs without proper background/qualifications or post secondary education..so then imagine how you can work with a bunch of tools. Cons: no recognition of work or awards, VERY poor management"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone who is looking for work. Take the time to look for something better instead of settling on working here. The hours and the business' lack of care for its employees will make you realize that you have completely wasted your time."

Senior Machine Maintenance Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"mandatory overtime 12 hours works days 1/2 hour for lunch maintenance is blame for the scrap rate no food in the work place 5 minutes walk too food building"

Research Scientist (Former Employee) says

"From experience you can you do exactly the same work as your white male co-worker and still not get the same recognition or respect. Cons: Na"

Driver/Operator (Current Employee) says

"No home life, work 6 on 34hrs off so office workers can have 5 on and 2 days off. There yo-yo schedule will not allow you to have the proper rest or time to disconnect from the job"

Scale Clerk (Current Employee) says

"The people are nice, and it is an easy job. The down fall is the pay and the hours though. If they would increase then this could be a decent job. Could"

Truck Driver class A hazmat tanker (Former Employee) says

"The $80,000 is what you might make after 5 years, Management in Pittsfield was excellent until GM made changes, Now Drivers are leaving left and right. Dont trust Salt Lake and Cheyenne."

HSE Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Field employees are wonderful to work with but management has such a disconnect to field work. This creates a lot of communication breakdown with managers not capable of managing their employees. Cons: Very Poor Management"

Manufacturing (Current Employee) says

"People are absolutely fantastic! There is very strong network at the management levels starting at the very top which doesnot allow to unleash the potential of all employees."

Lean Project Manager, Business Excellence - Employee (Former Employee) says

"Always very worried about costs. Layoffs always immanent. Sense of fear about if you will have a job constantly. A good company other than that. Very interesting work."

BEX Quality Champion (Former Employee) says

"The management at Dyno Nobel heavily relies on its hourly workers to not only do the production work, but also to carry the weight of many extra job tasks that are not reflected in the pay. The culture is very split between those who work, and management. There is very little room to advance and even less room for change. Cons: benefits aren't great, They don't care about their employees"

Truck driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 4 1/2 years. I Cons: healthcare suck's!"

Booster Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked at the Wolf Lake plant over ten years and done a good job. The new HR person didn't know her job and was bias. Had lies told on me and it done me no good to try and defined myself.For sometime there was no air and we had to wear heavy uniforms the temp would get pretty HOT! I tried to point out defects but only was told not to worry about it. A BIAS place to work certain people got away with a lot while others would get in trouble for little things.The only reason I liked working there was the money,benefits and close to home. The work wasn't to bad but some people made it hard to just do your work.Most of the co-workers was nice.Glade to not be there any more but hate how some people made me look. I did the best I could but ten years of loyalty wasn't good enough. Cons: seemed managment didn't care about conditions you worked under"


"Management is not organized. Typically employees can do what they have to do to complete the daily but task. There is no repercussions if they don't complete them. Other people then are asked to complete the task that should of been completed hours ago."

Diesel Technician (Current Employee) says

"This job as a Diesel Mechanic is a decent job with minimal supervision. If you are not a self starter, you will not survive. There are too many people that pry into your personal life and professionalism is only employed when it is suitable for the moment."

Operatir (Current Employee) says

"The money is good, but if your after a career that will offer good training and a rewarding position then this isn't the place. Cons: No training, no career prospects, dealing with management is a very frustrating experience"

Accounts Receivable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I processed the accounts receivable Cons: very busy"

Class 1 truck driver/operator (TDG) says

"They were a Cheap company when it comes to transportation of dangerous goods and work all hours of the day and night there for I had to carry on and find better employment elsewhere"

Senior Product and Applications Manager (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed working here for 26 plus years. Was always given above average reviews, including a CEO award. Was terminated with no real cause provided. No indication of any employment issues in annual reviews until new manager from outside company was placed."

Current Employee - R&D Member says

"I have been working at Dyno Nobel full-time for more than 5 years Cons: - Mandatory to complete safety training but no one follows it, and management doesn't enforce it even when safety concerns are brought up - Business accomplishments are not valued and do not contribute to salary or career advancement - Site has an engineer that doesn't engineer anything and breaks things that are already working - There is favoritism for a select few at lehi that is blatantly corrupt and it hinders others from being able to do their job. When reported to Corporate, all corrupt parties kept their supervisor positions. - Lehi lacks checks & balances - All lab equipment is broken, and management asks you to "work around" it"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Dyno Nobel full-time for more than a year Cons: Micro-management, empire building, low morale, ego driven workforce. Worst politics I have ever seen. Very conservative and strict culture, command and control are everywhere. If you don't question management or anyone you will do fine."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dyno Nobel full-time Cons: The upper Management will create little cliques and their perception is what matters at the end of the day. If you have high integrity, ethics and morals; either they will find faults in the smallest things or berate you in front of your colleagues."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Dyno Nobel full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Mediocre administrative support. IT group changes programs just for sake of change just as efficiency gets in place."


"I have been working at Dyno Nobel Cons: benefits, atmosphere, lack of growth, zero opportunities for women, women are treated as secretaries, zero perks, bonuses have significantly declined every year to almost nothing, zero advancement and little to no raises with the exception of the leadership team, company is unaware of current talent within the business, more people are hired outside the company rather than in company, employees are unappreciated."

Middle Management says

"I worked at Dyno Nobel Cons: Cliquish environment, slow to accept change and management would not support management staff when issues appeared during implementation. You are on your own. Confining and over complicated improvement system that is choking everyone."


"I worked at Dyno Nobel Cons: executive management turns over too much due to issues with Australian owners. No female executives - good old boys club"

Former Employee - Blaster says

"I worked at Dyno Nobel full-time for more than a year Cons: Too many to list here."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Dyno Nobel full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Arrogant management, company preachers family values but treats its employees as a number not people. Company is trying to hire more labor hire people and cut back on permanent employees. They think more about profit than the employees."

Current Employee - Field Operations says

"I have been working at Dyno Nobel full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Poor pay old fleet unfair pay"

Brian says

"I realise you get different levels off service from different workmen depending where you live in the UK! I'm in Fife, Scotland and have had 4 different occasions over the years to need Dynorod's "Services", each time I would describe this company as "Cowboys"! Latest occasion, We called in November '20 thru British Gas Homecare for blocked drains. First appointment was a NO SHOW, Second Appt on 26th November a really disinterested guy looked in for 5 minutes, said we needed a part and was away to another job but would be back when he got the part! This is now 28th January two months later and they're still waiting on the part! Absolutely Useless Company!"

James says

"What a total waste of time! Engineer booked on Monday for drain unblocking on Tuesday PM. Call from dyno-rod on Tuesday PM cancelling the appointment, saying the engineer would be with us Wednesday or Thursday. No show Wednesday. We called them Thursday, told engineer would be with us in the afternoon. Called them again at 5:20 PM to be told we’re next on the list. Call from engineer 20 minutes later - he’s got a couple of other customers first, so will be 2 or 3 hours. Oh, and the cost will be the out of hours rate, so an extra £60 or so. Called the call centre to see if that’s correct, that department had gone home, best they could do was email that department and they might get back to us in the AM. Told them to forget it, we’ll find someone competent instead. It’s a shame - we’ve used dyno-rod before and been really happy with them hence why we called them first this time. Service has clearly gone downhill, a lot."

Scott Cameron-Cowburn says

"Reported a blocked toilet 8.30am, was told someone would be here by 1.30. I was called around midday to say it will be after 1.30 as they were busy. I chased it up at 3 and was told they can't give me a time but someone will be there. Chased again at 5.30 to be told the visit had been cancelled - no reason given. Now too late to get someone else out today - abysmal so called 'service'"

Emmanuel Amofa says

"Beware they will scam you and threaten LEGAL ACTION. One of their guys came to my house responding to potential drain blockage I had called them about. Turned out it wasn’t a blockage so he said I’ll not charge you for any work done just £50 for the call out. I said ok fair enough and paid £50 cash to him. This was before Christmas. I received a missed call from some mobile last week didn’t recognise it so I text to ask who it was. It was Dyno-rod chasing me for £50 invoice to my surprise. I explained I paid the engineer on the day, they insisted I email them what I have said to pass it on to the right team. Email sent, next thing I know I received a “Pending Legal Action” letter from Dyno-Rod about the £50 which I have already paid. I emailed them no response so I guess to avoid going through legal nonsense I’m going to have to pay another £50. Absolute thieves. Beware"

Dave Parry says

"Appalling. Booked to unblock our toilet on Friday and was promised a Monday morning appointment. Didn't arrive, so I called and was promised they would arrive that afternoon. Didn't arrive. Was told they urgent jobs booked in (what are we then without a toilet!) and would get to us for 2-3 days!!! Absolutely appalling."

S Miller says

"Poor service wrong quotes and like others say dont turn up ."

Mark Baylis says

"Booked via british gas homecare cover, they then transfer the work to our local branch, in Stockport. They have repeatedly failed to come when they say they will and what is worse they dont even have the coutesy to call to tell you they wont be turning up. So far, 4 missed appointments for plumbing and 5 days missed appointments for drains, not a single courtesy call. Beyond appalling customer service."

Toby Sanders says

"On Blue Monday 2021 we discovered that the ceiling in our coat cupboard had fallen in. Upon further investigation we discovered that above the collapsed plasterboard ceiling was the bottom of the bathtub. We presumed that there was a burst pipe and the bath we had had last night had leaked and caused the ceiling to collapse. Based on the recommendation of my brother in law we gave Dyno a call. First off, you speak to a national switchboard who then resource it to a local company - not a local team, a sub contracted company which wasn't explained, but also wasn't not explained. The lady we spoke to told us that 'We'll get someone out to you today' and that they would be here before 1800 that day. They explained the charges and how the costing would work. We relaxed, waiting for the plumber to come and fix our problems. At about 1530 a knock at the door and a man came in. He explained that he wasn't here to fix anything, he was just here to take photos and would then provide a quote. We were a little disappointed but fine, a quote would be useful. We didn't hear anything the next day. On Wednesday we called Dyno plumbers again. We spoke to the national switchboard who gave a number for the local branch which we called but it turned out to be outdated. We called Dyno again and were transferred, but that was cut off after ringing for several minutes. Fortunately we'd taken the number from Dyno so we called the local branch directly. This is when we discovered that these are sub-contracted companies rather than local branches. The chap at the local company didn't have the details of our quote and said he would call back within the next few hours with more information. They rang back several hours later and asked for an email address to send the quote to. We got the quote only to discover that it was totally unrelated to the bath plug issue we'd reported. We were instead sent a quote for £900 for the replacement of 4 radiators, with no mention of any of the issues that we'd not only reported but which a random man had taken photos of! So now, I still have water dripping from my bath, I haven't got a plumber to fix anything and there is some random man walking around with a dozen photo's of the inside of my flat on his iPhone! I can't see how a company could mess this up administratively any more than Dyno have done. The issue is how difficult it is to get hold of the person you need to. That makes the company completely useless and we will be going to a local tradesperson instead. Avoid."

Josh says

"Needed a quote for a new shower pump. Booked the quote in and the engineer never turned up. I had to re-book the quote for a few days later as it had apparently 'dropped from their system'. Had to wait almost 3 weeks for the job to be booked in. The fitting day comes around and lo and behold nobody turns up. I ring up to re-book and have to wait a further week without a shower. So 2 days booked off work for no reason and I've no idea if they will even turn up again. Awful."

Ricardo Osborne says

"Best advise I can give is just don’t use this company. I have used Dynorod on several occasions for my own home and managed properties and until now found them excellent. Today I have had appalling service from Dynorod and will not use them again."

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